Thursday, July 05, 2007

A day topped off with cherry pie

The Fourth of July with Dave, Lisa and Ellie was a "up north" we even had cherry pie for dessert!

Here are some picts:

The Leland Parade...doesn't get much more Norman Rockwell than that


But there are moments of comic relief too

So what was Aunt Martha doing to Ellie yesterday? Making a packing tape sculpture of her of course:-)

Storm rolling in before dinner

The sun set through a layer of fog. Going...




Anonymous Anonymous said...

How do you get the packing tape off of the subject without a) causing too much pain and b) maintaining the shape of the subject?


3:22 PM  
Blogger Erin said...

well maybe I should let my mom describe the whole process, but I will say that Ellie was not hurt in the making of this sculpture;-) The first layer of tape is wrapped sticky side up. You can wrap could wrap Priti...if she would hold still long enough

6:14 PM  
Anonymous jp said...

It's 105+ degrees in Sactown. I'm more than a little "neidisch" at this point... :-)

7:20 PM  

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