Monday, June 11, 2007

Are they really that friendly?

While Lena was in town, she was struck by how many times we were asked to give directions and were just talked to on the street (probably 7 or 8 times and she was only in town for 24 hours!) I tried to tell her that this was not normal, but she believed that she was just witnessing friendly New York. No way!

Or maybe New Yorkers really are that friendly…

While walking into the West Village on Saturday, Matt was stopped by two groups of people and asked for directions. He helpfully told 2 Brits how to get to the Meatpacking District. But for the mini van of African American ladies on their way to Dallas BBQ, he went a step further…
Driver: excuse me, can you tell me how to get to BBQs at 10th and University?

Matt: hmm, 10th and University [with a bit of uncertainty in his voice,]you need to go straight like 3 blocks and then turn right for a few blocks.

Driver: okay, and that will take us to Dallas Barbeque?

Matt: OH, Dallas Barbeque, that’s where you’re going? Yes, near 10th and University; that place is great!! Yes, it’s that way [pointing down the street.]
: [leaning with one arm on the window of the van] Now what are you going to order, ribs or pulled pork?

Driver: [passengers now cackling with laughter] I’ve never had pulled pork before, should I try that?

Passenger: girl, I TOLD you pulled pork is good

Matt: Yes, I recommend the pulled pork at Dallas

Driver: Well god bless you; you are so cute; you and your girlfriend look good together

Now who knows if the ladies actually made it to Dallas BBQ, but if they did they arrived with an expert menu recommendation and a good story to tell!

In their own unique way, maybe New Yorkers are Midwest Friendly:-)


Anonymous Niki said...

Oh my word -- so many comments come to mind about that post, and not all are about the superiority of pulled pork!

9:14 AM  
Anonymous Lex said...

oh, you ARE so cute! i'm sure with that manfriend along it's too cute to imagine. cute overload.

10:05 AM  
Blogger Erin said...

Niki, after your NYC experience, do you completely disagree with my assessment of NYers as friendly? Or perhaps you are thinking, "Roll Tide?";-)

Lex, the term "manfriend" creeps me out!!

12:14 PM  
Anonymous niki said...

I'm so impressed you remembered Roll Tide! Actually, I do agree that New Yorkers are as friendly as anyone in any city, because nobody beat me up when I rolled over their toes with my monster rolling garment bag while fighting my way onto the subway. I'll save any further commenting for the next cousin convention.

9:31 AM  

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