Thursday, June 14, 2007

City Musings

According to a woman at the Broadway Nassau subway stop, Jesus is coming and when he does, there will be no subway. While lack of subway will not be my biggest concern if Jesus comes to earth today, her statement does raise the question: where will the subway go?

Meanwhile, summer temperatures are creeping in to NYC, so I would like to take this opportunity to make some general and summer specific fashion statements:

1. Straphangers need to make sure their white shirts are still white. Pit stains must be considered an absolute no-go in a city where most people commute while grabbing on to poles above their heads. Deoderant has also moved from a personal hygiene product to a product for the public good, please use it!

2. Not every shirt/tube top flatters every body. The general rule of thumb: it is not dinner time, put the rolls away.

3. Men need to use discretion when clipping things to their belts. 1 Blackberry, 1 phone, a pair of sunglasses and heaven forbid a fanny pack is just too much!

Incidentally, I saw a guy on the subway this morning wearing his undershirt and carrying his dress shirt over his shoulder. The shirt was obviously the one he wore last night, so my first thought was booty call. (messy hair, yawning and carrying a bottle of H2O reinforced this belief) But then I felt bad that I was being so judgmental. Perhaps he is a hard working law associate and was just forced to pull an all-nighter. But then I saw him yawn again…and then smile a smile that only says hookup. After hours activities aside, this leads me to one final fashion observation: wear a shirt on the subway. No shirt is unacceptable, but so is only wearing an undershirt.

Ah, the world according to me:-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He might be from the South. Down here, it is so hot, it is better changing into my suit in my office. So, I shower, pull on my boxers and undershirt, pull black socks halfway up my calves, put on some black dress shoes, and then climb into the car for the drive to work!

2:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this anonymous posting from the same individual in the Taylor family who skied down the mountain in his boxer shorts?????
Love you, Aunt Martha/Mom


2:39 PM  
Anonymous Lex said...

if it smells on the subway, folks should wear deoderant. but many deoderants are in fact the cause of those nasty pit stains. so people can avoid the stains by wearing short sleeve undershirts. but then it's too hot in the subway. so folks will wear just the undershirt or sweat profusely and stink it up, even with the deoderant...ah it's a vicious cycle.

3:25 PM  
Anonymous jp said...

OR... you can go all Victorian and just carry along a scented hanky/kleenex to protect your delicate nostrils from offending odors.

You laugh, but I recall more than one occasion during my hot summer train excursions on the "other" continent when I found myself practicaly inhaling my antibacterial wipes just for the pseudo-refreshing scent.

Mmmmm... April Fresh!! :-)

12:06 AM  
Blogger Erin said...

I am sure your fellow commuters love the will your boss when you get out of the car:-)

Good points Lex and JP! I think I will choose to buy inexpensive white t-shirts and replace every season...Deo (as the Germans would say) is a must! A smart Deo company would advertise by passing out test deoderant sticks at the entrances to subways on hot days.

9:43 AM  
Anonymous lex said...

erin: july28-aug5 the sprelters will be in nyc. can you spare us some time? maybe sunday july 29, brunch?

8:40 PM  
Blogger Katie said...

You could start a new craze... if there was no subway, WWJR- what would Jesus ride? WWJR Bracelets, t-shirts, "subway tushes"... the possibilities are endless :)

12:18 PM  

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