Thursday, June 21, 2007

Happy Summer

In Britain, people celebrate the summer solstice at Stonehenge. In New York City, for the first time, people will celebrate with music, lots and lots of music.

As the Make Music website says, “Make Music New York is based on France's Fete de la Musique, which has been a great success for 25 years. Since it was inaugurated, the festival has become an international phenomenon, celebrated on the same day in more than 300 cities in 108 countries, including Germany, Egypt, Australia, Vietnam, and Congo”

As the Time Out website says, “From Metropolitan Opera singers to high school rock bands, church choirs to underground MCs, Tuvan throat singers to Salsa bands, punk rockers to string quartets, there's something for everyone.”

Apparently this goes on in Berlin every year. I have NO idea how I missed it last year. (Actually a quick check back at the Berlin Adventures blog reveals that June 21, 2006 was World Cup soccer time. The music must have blended in with all the other revelry.)

I will be enjoying the festivities this year. Apparently there a string band will perform ON THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE from 6:30-9 tonight. I am so there!! Full report later…


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wasn't it a fun day?
You can see the CBS2 TV News report about the Make Music NY day, as well as the Street Film documentary about day (and a report from the point of view of one of the participating musicians, too...) -

Looking forward to next year :)

11:34 PM  

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