Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Black Box

The "neon lights on Broadway" are not the theatre lights in the city. Shows don't always have elaborate backdrops and don't always live on 42nd Street. Sometimes they take place in black box theaters on 36th street.

Matt and I went to see a comedy performed as part of the Midtown International Theater Festival and were amazed and dazed. The theater reminded me of the stages that Jack from Will and Grace or Kramer and Mickey from Seinfeld performed on. While there was a prop or two, the focus of the play was unquestionably the actors. The importance of the interactions was heightened. An eyebrow raise or funny face meant so much more when there wasn't a backdrop to add to the moment. The play we saw was all the more impressive because there were only 2 actors and they each (a man and a woman) played 2 different rolls.

While I don't know that we are budding theater junkies, we were both tremendously impressed by the acting and felt that we had experienced something very New York!


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