Saturday, July 26, 2008

Big surprise...big bummer

I mentioned a mystery trip for Captain Carnivore at the end of yesterday's post. I thought I had it all planned out. He knew where to meet me and what to bring (information given to him in the form of a poem.) I was going to run early this morning, hop the 4 train to the Bronx to get tickets for a tour of Yankee Stadium and then meet up with him late morning. I appreciate the history of the stadium and he loves everything about it...a fun activity for us both I figured.

The website said an arrival between 9 and 10 am should get you tickets... or ABSOLUTELY NOT, as I unfortunately discovered.

By the time I rounded the stadium near Gate 4, just before 9am, 150 Yankee fans stood ahead of me. And to put that in perspective that is 150 people for 20 tickets for the 12pm tour and 20 tickets for the 1pm tour. Let's call those tours strike 1 and strike 2. Strike 3 was the extra tour added at 2pm for 50 or 65 people (rumors seemed to vary). Even that sold out with about 50 more people in front of me.

While I'm not going to reveal how early the first 20 people were in line (the guy behind me asked someone with tickets already in hand), let's just say it was significantly earlier than 9am!! Who knows why the line was so long today-- perhaps a combination of great weather, last year of the stadium and one of the one remaining Saturdays that the tour includes the clubhouse (only happens when the team is away.)

So I'm bummed we didn't get to go on our mystery trip and super annoyed that the Yankees website isn't even REMOTELY accurate. But I will say this, the other people in line epitomized what I think of when I picture a New York Yankees fan. The accent, the dedication, the blue and white attire, it was all there. I felt like I was in a baseball movie. **Yankees fans, don't read the next sentence.** The people in line TOTALLY reminded me of the Red Sox fans in the Drew Barrymore movie Fever Pitch. One guy actually said he was getting tickets so he could take his 6 month old son, 6 MONTHS OLD, to the stadium so that one day he could tell him that he had been in the House that Ruth built. Um, yeah, okay! Ridiculous, maybe, but it all added to the morning, which I think definitely qualifies as another little chunk of my NY Adventure.


Blogger Niki said...

Dear Erin,

I think that the dad taking his 6 month old son to the House that Ruth Built is a pretty good dad . . .


10:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That poor kid. I am so glad my dad was never in to baseball.


11:17 AM  
Blogger Erin said...

like a pretty good dad who will probably take his daughter to pay homage to Sparty before her 1st birthday?
Okay, I agree:-)

3:19 PM  
Blogger C-Dog said...

I'm not sure Charlie is going to make her initial pilgrimage to the grand, glorious MSU campus this year, but she will eventually come face to face with our beloved Sparty with her father (and may even get a smooch from him under th Beaumont Tower) . . .

6:43 PM  

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