Friday, July 25, 2008

Nexus of my universe

Since work finished early today, I decided to make the corner of Prince and Green the nexus of my universe this afternoon.

Why pick such a cool, albeit crowded, tourist-laden intersection?


1. On the southeast corner of the street sits the VanLeeuwen Ice Cream truck, an artisanal ice cream outlet new to the streets of NYC this year. What could be more perfect than an ice cream cone on such a quintessentially summer afternoon? The ice cream man recommended the ginger ice cream over the red currants and cream saying it was a "pretty special flavor." He was right! With the sweetness of a gingerbread cookie, the freshness of the ginger you eat with sushi and a texture that reminded me a bit of pumpkin ice cream, VanLeeuwen's ginger ice cream was a winner. The truck also carries more traditional flavors like strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and coffee. Much more expensive than your average scoop (a whopping $3.95), the company is very environmentally and locavore friendly.

2. I need new IPod headphones and the Apple store is there. Even though I hate the Apple Store because leeches (not customers, they aren't buying) consume the free internet access like gamblers raid Vegas buffets for steak and crab legs, today it was a necessity. My IPod ear phones have died. Now the good news...just as I was about to pay for a new set, the check out guy asked why I was buying them and told me that if I bought the last pair within a year then I could bring in the old ones and get a new pair for free. Groovy!

3. Some guy has created a fun idea machine and put it at that corner. What?! Here's an article about it, but basically, you put 50 cents into a converted toy machine and out pops a fun idea. Unfortunately, the machine wasn't there today (actually just read that it moves around). Perhaps I'll see it when I go back to Apple to get my free headphones:-)

And that, ladies and gents, was my afternoon in SOHO.

Tomorrow...a mystery trip for Captain Carnivore. Stay tuned...


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