Thursday, July 31, 2008

Charles Lane and Mews

When the Yankees tour turned out to be a bust, Matt and I decided to take a walk through the West Village, where Matt has read about a number of hidden courtyards/mews and old stone streets.

Here's a picture of Charles Lane. With modern row houses on one side and new construction and more old houses on the other, it was a charming little street. Apparently the new construction replaces an old prison.

We saw a couple cute courtyards, but as they are private streets, I refrained from taking a photo (sure Matt is appreciative;-))

We did however walk past the Christopher Street Path Station. It reminds me of my 2/3 station in that it blends into the neighborhood so well.

It took a while, but I have really come to love the West Village (well first I had to figure out where exactly it is). Definitely need to spend more time in its plethora of cute cafes and stores!


Blogger Niki said...

How neat!! I had no idea stuff like that still existed in Manhattan. Who knew they could pack so much onto such a small island??

11:04 AM  

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