Thursday, July 12, 2007

Back to the Big Apple

I still have one more Michigan posting, but for now let me say that I made it back to Brooklyn and have had a fun and full week!

It was, of course, awesome to see Matt again on Monday. We tried Tenda Asian Bistro on Montague for dinner. I didn't like it as much as Lantern across the street, but they do serve tasty Pad Thai (not greasy) and the wait staff was friendly!

On Tuesday, I was happy to welcome Torsten, a friend from Germany, to the Big Apple. Unfortunately, I couldn't take time off of work to sightsee with him, but we did manage some sightseeing in the evening. An Indian dinner on Bleecker, Sushi lunch in Central Park, Burgers near Union Square and sandwiches in Bryant Park were thrown in for good measure. What was Torsten's favorite part of the city? Not the Met. No, not the library. I am fairly confident that the Simpsons-esque "Quik-E-Mart" just west of Times Square will be the first thing mentioned to friends and family when Torsten talks about his trip. I must admit that it was pretty cool--a must see if you are a Simpson's fan!

in his glory

doesn't get much more Simpsons than this

Speaking of burgers, I recommend BLTBurger. Matt, Torsten and I ate there last night. The veggie burger was solid and the sweet potato fries were great! The guys liked their burgers, fries and onion rings (though there was a slight quibble that the onion tended to come out of the batter.) Our waiter was great and the atmosphere in the restaurant was fun.

Tonight, I was finally able to catch up on some laundry. Bring on the weekend!

slightly blurry picture on the skyline after a torrential rain storm.


Anonymous Daniel said...

Erin - I love BLTBurger! Good to hear they have a good veggie burger. When Big Mike was in town he had the Grandma's Treat milkshae with Maker's Bourbon. It was pretty tasty. One should also note that three out of their five beers are Brooklyn-based.

Also - this Sunday is one of the most fun events of all time.

Smith Street Bastille Day Party/Petanque Tournament @ Smith & Dean Street, Smith Street (btwn Bergen & Pacific), 718-852-0328. Two blocks of Smith Street get filled with sand to provide a full day of fun and games with the French and the "Ready To Party With The French" at what has become the United States largest Petanque Tournament and a World Class Event -not to mention the incredible edibles, joie de vivre, music, good vibes and dancing in the streets. It's fun to play but also fun to be a spectator!

12:13 PM  
Blogger Erin said...

Ooh, yes, the milk shakes at BLTBurger did look good! They got me thinking about fried candy bars. We should go to the Chip Shop soon for fried twinkies and snickers.

Thanks for the tip on Bastille Day!
I'm away during the day on Sunday. Are you going? Want to write a report for me/the blog?

1:17 PM  

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