Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The crowd outside consisted of bikers and khaki Gap people. Inside, 10 or so tables were packed at 6pm.

Where were we? Caracas Arepas Bar on the Lower East Side.

An arepa is an unleavened fried white corn bread stuffed with any number of delicious things.

The first one I had was filled with black beans, sweet plantains, melted cheese and jalapenos. The other one I tried had Venezuelan guac and crumbled cheese. Both were good but the first one was awesome.

Captain Carnivore had one with shredded beef and cheese. His second was pork shoulder.

I would love to go when it's less crowded so I could ask the servers, some of whom are also the owners, more about all of the dishes. 3 kinds of Venezuelan cheese for instance. Who knew?! What's the difference?


Blogger Niki said...

That sounds AMAZING!! Somehow I doubt arepas are available in Nashville. I'm just going to have to dream and drool until I can get my butt to NYC (or Venezuela) to try some! MMMMMMMMMMMM...

11:52 PM  

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