Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Some final Europe thoughts and pictures

I continue to be fascinated by Europe, the people, the culture, the sights and of course the food.

The astonishing thing in all three cities was the absence of smoke in restaurants. There are still many more smokers on the streets than in the US, but being able to eat a restaurant without being suffocated is fantastic!

From Paris, I can say that the city has redeemed itself. In college, I had a horrible time, bad weather, GROSS youth hostel and a museum worker strike. This time around, the hotel room (especially the rain shower/tub) was cool and the weather was nice. Okay, there was still a strike, but maybe that's part of the city's charm;-) I return resolved to learn a bit more French so that I can enjoy the city even more next time. (like is water pronounced "oh" or "eww"?) Rosetta Stone please!

From Berlin, oh Berlin, what can I do so I can move back? Poor Katie had to deal me looking longingly at strange things the whole day. In an effort to be objective, I must admit that graffiti seems to be up and I was still shoved by ladies at stores. And I do appreciate that my year was made so wonderful by the fellowship I was on and the fellows I was with. But the city still has a wonderful feeling for me. It's history is palpable, the markets are phenomenal and the pace of life just feels right. Next time, I definitely hope to have more time to see friends and try some new things like the Berlin Underground tour and the Trabi Safari. One final note, the cheese spaetzle we had was good but the Schlecker cheese spaetzle recipe still reins supreme as the World's Best Kaesespaetzle:-)


Trinity College

Great picture of Katie

I tried to go to Hogwarts but didn't quite make it

I just loved this poster...better put, I loved that I understood it;-)

lovely flowers all over Europe, even some blooming crocuses in London. This flower show was on the Ile St-Louis

Hot chocolate at Le Flore en I'Ile

Seen at The Brandenburg Gate
Can someone from Berlin explain this to us?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooooohh, if I can ever learn German, I want to move in Berlin!!! I loved it too!


11:53 AM  
Blogger Erin said...

Well if our experience was any indication, you don't need to speak German. I was super excited to speak German at every opportunity but both the guy at the front desk of the hotel AND my falafel guy started speaking to me in English.

I passed Weyers, the restaurant you, Piya and I ate at in Wilmersdorf and thought about what a fun time I had when you were in town.

6:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Viele Gruesse aus Berlin! Aber leider kann ich die Bilder auch nicht erklären...sieht aus wie eine kuenstlerische Demo.
Ich würde gerne wissen, wo man denn in Berlin gute Kaesespaetzle bekommen kann? Ich bin neugierig!
Franka (Wilmersdorf)

4:17 PM  

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