Friday, February 20, 2009

Dispatch #3: random stuff

I've been struck by 3 things on this trip.

1. London at 8am in the morning is chock full of bikers, security and maintance staff wearing neon yellow clothing of one sort or another. I think it must be the unofficial national color. Brits tell me this is because you are required by law to wear reflective clothing when riding around dusk and dawn. This picture isn't the best example but you can see what I mean. Trafalgar Square is spinning in yellow!

2. Experienced a lot more vaguely anti-US comments this time than on any other recent trip to Europe. Lots of positive B.O. comments too but I have just been surprised that B.O.'s election hasn't stopped the ribbing.

3. Seems that Londoners like to kiss on the escalators in the Underground. Every time I'm riding the escalator you can spot at least 2 couples.

Another Big Ben picture, just because it's cool:-)

CAN'T WAIT for Katie to arrive tonight. Sure she'll be exhausted...but perhaps not too tired for a pint?... ;-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the strong winds delayed KT out of DC, so she missed
her connecting flight from JFK to London.
Dad and I assume she is on her way this morning!
Have a positively delightful trip you two, but I'm not so sure about the pint...did you mean a pint of milk or a pint of ice cream!
Behave yourselves... no international incidents! Love ,from your Mother!

4:12 PM  

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