Monday, July 16, 2007

Beaches here and there

Russians in thongs, Puerto Ricans drinking box wine and 2 Brooklynites with office white skin slathered in SFP 45. (Guess which group I belonged to.) All these people and more were seen at Jones Beach this past Sunday, a glorious day to go to the beach.

I was most impressed with the beach facilities. The bath house looked like a highway rest stop, complete with a Friendly's Ice Cream stand. Umbrella rentals were a steal at $5/day and the actual beach was not overly crowded. Matt and I enjoyed a jelly fish-free walk along the beach and then jumped into the water. But "the sea was angry that day my friends," so after getting tossed in the waves (and almost losing my suit) we retired to our umbrella and beach chairs and watched the world go by.

I am still a Lake Michigan girl, but I would definitely go back to Jones Beach!

Since I didn't take pictures over the weekend, let me leave you with a few more pictures from Jolli Lodge

Cousins at sunset

notice the proximity of the flame to Uncle Dave's leg and the blanket

helping the coals along

Voila! A fantastic strawberry, blueberry smore


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would just like to add that Uncle Dave makes the BEST blueberry, strawberry s'mores that I have ever had!!!
Very clever idea to bring the disposable tin to create the charcoal barbeque for roasting the marshmallows! At the end of the cooking,Dave threw sand in the pan to smother the fire and he was able to carry it off the beach at the end of the fireworks display!!!
Three cheers for chef Dave!!
Love, Mom oxoxoxox

1:26 PM  

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