Monday, September 28, 2009


The blog hiatus is over. And I think it is only right that this first post begin where so many a restaurant.

To celebrate Captain Carnivore's first week of work, we headed to Dumont in Williamsburg for a burger and mac and cheese. Oh my goodness we were not disappointed.

Matt: The Dumont burger is the top burger in Brooklyn. Using an 80/20 mix of at least sirloin and chuck, this burger lives up to the hype it has received from 'A Hamburger Today' and Mr. Cutlets to name a few. This burger was cooked perfectly. I put it at about 6-8 oz and served with lettuce and pickled onions (which were pink). But the real deal are the pickles. House made pickle chips have a slight spice of freshness to them, and are complimented by a pickle spear as well. This is rare, chips AND a spear! At $14.00 ($12.50 plus $1.50 for cheese) the burger is not cheap, though the quality of the meat and enjoyable outside garden surely will make me a repeat customer.

Erin: Equally, I was not disappointed by the mac and cheese. In fact, I am prepared to rate it as the best mac and cheese in the city. Definitely better than the mac and cheese restaurant (though that is enjoyable too). It is made with radiatore pasta, which held the cheddar, gruyere and parm cheeses quite nicely. The browned parm on the top meant a perfect balance between crunchy and smooth cheesy goodness. Adding to the wonderfulness, I ordered a side of pickles. A whole plate of Dumont's aforementioned onions, sweet pickle chips and dill pickle spears arrived. All pared really well with the mac!

I ran into a colleague who also recommends the spare ribs.

Whether enjoying the outside patio seating or the inside hipster paradise with comfy booths and candle light, the ambiance is great too. Check out their website for some cool photos.


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