Monday, September 07, 2009


Girl's weekend in Atlanta over the Labor Day holiday. Katy, Noelle and I had a great time. Noelle's new house is wonderful! Are we actually old enough to own houses, be concerned about molding, mulching and buying mowers?

Downtown Atlanta was hopping this weekend. Univ of Alabama and Virgina Tech football fans were in town for a big game, as were thousands of Science Fiction fans who were in town for some kind of big conference. It was a crazy mix. Lessons learned: 1. don't mess with southerners when it comes to college football. 2. different strokes for different folks--why on earth would someone dress up like a warrior or Luigi from Mario Brothers??

We visited Centennial Plaza, where the Olympic medal ceremonies took place, as well as the Coke Museum store (didn't want to pay the $25 or wait in a HUGE line to visit the museum.) Instead, we took a tour of CNN, which was fun for people who know a lot about tv and those who don't:-)

Cooking was also on the schedule. Watch out Paula, there is a new cook in the south! Here Noelle shows Katy how to make mouth watering chicken.

On Sunday evening, we challenged Noelle's boyfriend and his buddies to Rock Star, a video game where you sing and play the guitar and drums to various well known songs. I had never played before. It was SO cool! Maybe Santa will bring me a Play Station so I can be a Rock Star in Brooklyn. I am obviously a guitar star in the making.


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