Wednesday, September 16, 2009

3 Years On

What kind of NY Adventures have I been having lately? Just the regular day to day adventures really, nothing really blog worthy. Seems I've either been working or spending time out of NYC. That pattern will continue for a while longer. But by the end of the month, NY Adventures should be back.

BUT, I can say that I have now worked in New York for more than three years. My anniversary was last Friday. Can you believe it? I can't!! Three years ago, I was wondering how on earth I'd find an apartment. Indeed that took me two months so my 3 year anniversary of living in the city is still a few months away.

So, have I become more of a New Yorker? I don't know. I certainly appreciate the city more and more every day. I was thrilled to take a friend who just moved to the city for coal oven pizza and then take a walk to Washington Square Park. "Oh my gosh, I've seen this in the movies! I'm living in New York," she said. Cool, a New York moment for her. I love those too. The city can wear on you but as long as I am still having New York moments the city is will still be a good place to be.


Anonymous stephanie said...

Three years - wow!! I can't believe you've been there that long already! What a great job you've done of making the most of your NY experience! Here's to many more NY moments! Steph

8:11 PM  

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