Sunday, August 09, 2009

Swinging like you've never swung before

I've mentioned Governor's Island before, but let me give it its latest shout out.

We were having another spectacular weather day on Friday so I met Matt on the island to go for a stroll.

As we walked towards Picnic Point on the Southern side of the island, I saw them...THE SWINGS.

Porch swings and playground swings, definitely big enough for adults and enough for everyone to enjoy.

So as the breeze blew, the sun shined and the Statue of Liberty waved at us, Matt and I got to swing. How cool! I am slightly dismayed to admit that I now get motion sick if I pump too high but it was fun nonetheless.

On this particular afternoon, the cool factor was elevated when a group of 4 Asian men in business suits rode up on a bicycle built for four, spotted the swings and all ran over to enjoy.


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