Friday, April 03, 2009

Back from the walk

Okay, fine, no, the walk didn't take 2 weeks, I've just been super busy.

Anyway, the walk down the east side of Manhattan with Heather was awesome.

Meeting at 125th street and Lexington Ave, in Harlem, was eye-opening. I stood wearing my preppy windbreaker and CNN hat reading the paper for a while. I got some strange looks. I gave some strange looks when people on my left started screaming at people to my right. We headed off as soon as Heather arrived at 9am.

From Harlem, through Spanish Harlem, through Yorkville to the Upper East side. We were below 100 Street before we knew it.

By 93rd street we had passed our first Crumbs bakery and decided that we might need to find another Crumbs for a cupcake break somewhere down the road.

By the time we had gone 100 blocks, we had solved most of the problems of the world:-)

And yet we kept walking.

At 14th, we moved over to Broadway. 8th street meant CUPCAKE BREAK! We split a red velvet cupcake and a yellow cake chocolate icing one. Heather thinks Crumbs takes the cake (so to speak) and I have to agree. They were much better than any other cupcake I have tried in the city (though still plan to visit Sugar Sweet Sunshine sometime soon.)

We were within striking distance! We were walking, we were walking. Before we got to the Financial District, we were already talking about our next challenge, the West Side from 245 to Battery Park.

Our only other stop off was the world's (or at least the city's) fanciest McDonalds for a potty break on Broadway just before Wall St. There is a pianist playing above the door. Amazing!

Past the bull and through Bowling Green, just after 12pm, we reached Battery Park. Victory!

On to the west side! Goal will have to be to take more pictures, what was I thinking?! Thanks Heather!


Blogger Katie said...

You ladies are amazing! How fun!

4:43 PM  
Blogger Young Traveler said...

I love Red Velvet anything.

(Also I am super glad that you haven't been wandering the streets of Manhattan for 2 weeks)


4:43 PM  
Blogger Niki said...

What a fun outing!! Ooh - our grocery store makes red velvet cake ice cream down here. I love Publix!!

11:23 AM  
Anonymous Quinn said...

way to go, Erin!!!

8:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How exciting! I would love to do a walk next time I'm visiting! -Jennie

4:20 PM  

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