Saturday, September 08, 2007

I've caught the bug

During my apartment search last year, my boss would always tell me about things she saw or read in the New York Times real estate section. I would sheepishly have to admit that I didn't read that section of the paper and she would look at me with a "you are clearly not a New Yorker" look on her face.

At the time, I thought it was a bit odd, but now I have the bug too. After taking a quick look at the front page to make sure there is no breaking news I need to know about, I flip right for the real estate section and devour the articles each Saturday morning. Last weekend there was an article about how two architects could transform a 200sq foot studio into a space with a bed, kitchen area with dining table and living room area. They raised the living room and slid the bed under the low platform, trundle style. Apparently architect redesign articles appear monthly. My favorite weekly feature is the story that follows one person/couple in their apartment search. How much does the person want to spend? How much do they actual spend? Do they find a gem? Do they have to readjust their expectations? I feel their pain!

NYC real estate boggles the mind. In a country where housing markets are popping faster than children’s bubbles, the New York market is still hot, hot, hot. Will I ever be able to buy a condo and do a super renovation that could appear in the Times? Who knows, but it's fun to dream. At the very least, reading about real estate is a very New York thing to do:-)


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