Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Take the FORE to the Bronx

Take the four train to the end of the line in the Bronx (Woodlawn) and you will arrive at the Mosholu golf course and driving range. It took about 40 minutes door to door from midtown, and the course was very easy to find once I got out of the subway station.

I went to use the driving range but the course looked great, especially for beginners or those looking to play a relaxing 9 holes. My complaint about the driving range is that you can't use your woods and the balls are designed to only go 50% of what you would normally swing. But you can't beat the price at $5 for a bucket. Long story short, to be able to easily get out of the city, see grass and hear more birds than sirens, I can deal with only swinging my irons.

There are other driving ranges in the 5 boroughs, but by my estimation this is the easiest range to get to on public transportation. Chelsea Pier is in Manhattan, but the prices are too outrageous for me to go there on a regular basis. You have to take the subway and a bus to get to the ranges in Brooklyn.

Did I get funny looks and comments carrying a couple clubs on the subway? YES! But it was fun to talk to people on the subway, plus I enjoyed the "don't mess with me" effect that carrying 3-ft long clubs around seemed to have:-)


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