Saturday, April 21, 2007

Celeb Stalking

I was on my way to TJ Maxx on Thursday to find a cute spring dress, when I came across a bunch of tv crews and passersby with cell phone cameras. Okay, I’ll bite, what are we all waiting around for? “He’s here for a firefighter fundraiser,” I heard one person say. “I bet he’ll do something wild like arrive on a fire truck,” others were speculating. Wild stunts and “helping” firefighters—was I about to have a TomKat sighting?

Indeed, Tom and Katie were in town for a Scientology fundraiser on 18th street and “everyone” was there to catch a glimpse. The controversy is that the Scientologists are providing “support,” vitamins and therapy, for 9/11 firefighters because some argue that the city has not provided enough help.

When the stretched limo with a “Surrey 68” license plate showed up I thought a sighting was imminent (never mind the fact that little Cruise’s name is “Suri.”) No such luck.

Michael Pena, an actor from the World Trade Center movie was there, as was a city councilman, but the best sighting of the evening was my freshman year roommate Heather. She works for an entertainment/news show and when I heard a short woman with dark wavy hair yelling “councilman, councilman, can I ask you a question,” I knew immediately who was standing in front of me (what were the odds!!??)

After 15 minutes or so, I remembered that I don’t even like Tom anymore and that standing around waiting for him meant that I could me missing out on any number of unknown treasures at TJ’s.

Heather and I agreed to meet up next week… and I did end up finding a cute dress. Mission Impossible accomplished:-)

In other news, I think Robert Verdi from the Style Network lives in my neighborhood!


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