Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The world of blogs

Newspapers in the last couple of days have been filled with articles about blogging: reality blogging, creating a bloggers code of conduct, the effect blogs have on restaurant reviews.

As this blog seems to have become a NY restaurant blog of late, I found the Financial Times article about restaurant blogs especially interesting. John Gapper looks at the power of the New York Times restaurant reviewer versus the power of bloggers who can post reviews quite quickly and in some cases have quite a following. Some restaurateurs are upset at the power the NYT has to make or break their restaurant. Last month, the managing editor of the NYT called the paper, "the central arbiter of taste and culture in New York City." Gapper cautions, however, that restaurateurs who want more diversity should be careful about what they ask for because bloggers might express more wild views to make their mark in the blogosphere.

The article should be free online for a week or so. Click here and check it out!


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