Friday, March 30, 2007

Life Beyond the Heights

Brooklyn extends beyond Brooklyn Heights? Who knew?! I had a most wonderful evening on Tuesday checking out Boerum Hill and Fort Greene. (And by "checking out" I mean I went to one place in each neighborhood…but heh, it’s a start.)

Anyway, the Brooklyn Inn on Hoyt Street is a charming little watering hole in Boerum Hill. A giant dark wood bar wraps around the front room, which smells vaguely like cigarette smoke reminding me of a time gone by. There was a pool table in the back room but we stayed in the front of the house. I assumed Boerum Hill would be sketchy and there was more construction and change going on that you would find in the Heights, but overall I was pleasantly surprised.

Stop #2 was the Stonehome Wine Bar in Fort Greene. What a gem! The décor is modern --almost Scandavian looking-- but the atmosphere is totally relaxed and warm. One fun option is to try a “flight” of 3 different wines that all complement each other. I didn’t do that, but my white wine from South Africa was splendidly unique—sweet and fruity, it smelled like grapefruit. The cheese plates were great too! We sat inside, but there was a cozy patio out back that would be fun to take advantage of in the summer. As long as you skip the shrimp, you should definitely try Stonehome.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Citizens of TC would like a greater clarification of "we"!

10:26 PM  
Blogger Erin said...

LOL, you found my intentionally placed dangling pronoun:-)

let me enlighten you... "we" can be used to describe:
1. oneself and someone else
2. the royal or editorial we

I was using the word in the former sense. We at New York Adventures Blog hope this has clarified things for you;-)

10:57 AM  

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