Thursday, March 15, 2007

Trip in Pictures

Here are some more pictures (most of which were taken by my creative little sis!)

Don't you love the closeup pictures you take of yourself (At the Tower of London)

Stormy skies over Britain...but it got sunny soon after:-)

The Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace goes high tech

Slides at the Tate Modern

Paealla at the Portabello Road Market

Doesn't Katie setup pictures nicely!?

The Underground at Notting Hill Gate. Mind the gap!

Desserts at Spitalfield's Market

Potato, leek and cheese pot pie with mushy peas (kinda looks like "baby sick" but was very tasty) at Spitalfield's Market

I love beans on toast!

We lucked out at got to ride on one of the old fashioned red double decker busses. You have to hop on the back of the bus, which is open. It totally confused all the tourists who were waiting to get on at our stop. The bus attendant had to invite us to get on:-)

Celeb sighting! Look it's "Kate" at Mark and Spencers


Anonymous Anonymous said...

to the blogger and photographer!
Great pictures!! What fun!
Love you both,

9:15 AM  

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