Sunday, January 21, 2007


August 1998-- a Midwesterner from PA, a “flashy girl from Flushing” New York and a bossy Bostonian get assigned to live together in Lafayette Hall at The George Washington University. Three peas in a pod in many ways, and polar opposites in other ways, Erin, Heather and Stephanie lived together in varying levels of harmony during the year. But in the end, we were bonded by the experience and remained friends during college.

Heather and I on the set of The West Wing during college

Fast forward a few years; I am thrilled that Heather and I are once again living in the same town!

Heather turns &@ this week, so to celebrate she reserved a table at Stitch in the Garment District on Saturday night and friends and colleagues showed up to packs help her celebrate. Reserving the table was a great idea! It was the perfect spot for us all to enjoy the bar, without having to stand for hours. The music, though loud, really added to the atmosphere. What’s better than a whole bar breaking out in song when Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer” starts pumping through the speakers!? It was also great to catch up with Dana and Howard, two other friends from my GW days. Though I didn’t try one, Stitch had a whole line-up of sewing related cocktails. Cute idea!

I had so much fun that, shock of shocks, I stayed out until 2am. What can I say…I want to wake up in the city that doesn’t sleep…New York, New York….!


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Happy Birthday, Heather!!

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