Monday, January 08, 2007

The restaurant tour continues...

(Since a number of people found the blog when they Googled the title of the last posting, I thought that perhaps I needed a title change for the second entry about the weekend:-))

Anyway, we all met Daniel in the “South Heights” (ooooohhh, the South Heights) for dinner. The restaurant of choice was the Waterfalls Café on Atlantic Ave. We noshed on falafel, hummous, grape leaves and yogurt…very tasty and very reasonably priced!

The second stop of the evening was Black Door in Chelsea to meet 2 more GW gals, Heather and Dana. The bar didn’t have a distinctive vibe or crowd but was chill and a good place to meet up with friends. I hadn’t seen Heather since the week before I left for Germany, so it was wonderful to finally chat in person and catch up!

My favorite discovery of the weekend, however, came on Sunday: DUMBO!! Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass is the neighborhood just north of Brooklyn Heights that is loaded with restaurants, a park, a theater and more! While we wanted to have pizza at Grimaldis and then dessert at Jacque Torres, the line at the pizza place was too long, so we headed over to Front Five for brunch. From my waffle with carmelized bananas and blood orange syrup to Rachel’s challah French toast and Erica’s roasted veggie and chevre sandwich, everything was superb! I will definitely be back to DUMBO!

Sadly, the end of brunch meant the end of Erica and Rachel’s weekend in NYC. But we had an awesome time and I am already looking forward to a weekend in DC in February!


Anonymous Dumbonyc said...

Glad you enjoyed Dumbo! Hope you guys explore more of the area. :)

10:23 PM  
Blogger Pritilata said...

Let me know when the weekend in DC will be in Feb . . . I am SURE that by then I will emotionally ready to hang out!

10:30 AM  
Anonymous missing NY in WI said...

if you head away from the bridge in dumbo (walking west) you enter vinegar hill and if you walk even more towards what i think is a waste treatment plant there is an old mansion overlooking the navy yards (i think off of hudson ave), it is so wierd to see it just sitting there, between warehouses and the navy yards. a little farther south (i think) there used to be a row of old derelict houses that must have been beautiful in their day - but sadly i think they have been torn down. but vinegar hill deserves a closer look, even though there aren't any restaurants (or i didnt find any).

10:30 AM  
Anonymous jp said...

Your "saucy" title has blocked the blog from my work computer. Not that I'm reading it at work...

9:25 PM  

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