Monday, January 15, 2007

What was the District Attorney investigating in midtown?

A: Well-known chef Bobby Flay

Okay, let me explain...

My parents and the Chrystals came to town yesterday to see Wicked. (Maybe I'll get my mom do write a guest review.) But before they headed to the theater we all met at Bar Americain, Chef Bobby Flay's American brassiere on 52nd. In a sentence, the food was great! My pancakes were light and fluffy and dad's crab and crayfish cake with eggs and terragon hollandaise sauce was very tasty. The restaurant also serves Brooklyn hash brown potatoes. No clue what makes them "Brooklyn"-style, but they were great too.

My dad casually asked the waiter if Bobby Flay ever ate at his own restaurant. "Absolutely, he's here now, table 32," the waiter replied. Of course this led my whole table to twitterpate like a group of high school girls who catch a glimpse of the BMOC (big man on campus.) It was fun to speculate about what he was eating and how often he eats there, but we were most interested to know more about the attractive blonde by his side. We all got even more excited when the couple visited the table next to ours and we realized the woman was Stephanie March, who plays Asst. District Attorney Alexandra Cabot on Law & Order SVU. A quick Wikipedia search revealed that the couple is married...and Bobby proposed to her while ice skating at Rockefeller Center a couple of years ago (good job Bobby!)

In other celeb news, I would bet money that I saw David Evangelista at Penn Station this morning. Hair stylist to the stars, Evangelista is often on the CBS morning show and was a guest judge on a Bobby Flay episode of Iron Chef. This sighting is a bit confusing because I'm surprised he wouldn't be covering tonight's Golden Globe Awards from LA. But who else is bald, walks with flare and thinks he's so cool he needs sunglasses on a rainy day.


Anonymous jp said...

I'll have to tell D. Now that he's becoming a "foodie", I'm sure he'll be completely jealous!

BTW - it's still *freezing* cold in Cali, but no snow. Oh, to be back in the Alps...

12:20 AM  

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