Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy New Year!!

Bonne Année, Einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr, Prospero Año Nuevo, Voorspoedige nuwe jaar, Happy New Year.

Whether you are sliding into the New Year like the Germans, wishing a prosperous New Year like the Mexicans, or greeting the New Year in another language, I hope your 2007 is a happy one!!

I know that 2007 will be a great year for me because my horoscope in Cosmo and the Bucks County Courier Times says so;-) I’ve included your horoscope below (from just in case you want a definitive answer about how your year will be.

New York Adventures will continue next year as I settle in and finally have a chance to test my “urban legs” in the city that never sleeps.

Till then…

Aries: Motivation and hard work will help you recreate your life, giving you new opportunities in your career this year. Change is in the air. While you are in the process of enhancing your career, take stock of yourself and reconnect with your roots and what you want to achieve. A new relationship coming your way will really perk up your interest as well. Get out that swimsuit and get ready to spend some exotic moments in the sun with the new person you're attracting into your life.

Taurus: Optimism will help you break out of any routines that you want to be free of this year. Focusing on your idealistic approach to life will afford you exciting new opportunities in education and travel. Besides needing to work hard to form strategic alliances, you will find groups of people to support you in your business and financial concerns. Your down-to-earth communication skills will benefit you greatly in your social life, and you will attract many new opportunities with your friends. You're able to handle the social demands put upon you this year and work things out in a constructive way. You will gain tremendous financial benefits from all your hard work. You'll feel very fulfilled and loving this year. Enjoy!

Gemini: Gemini thrives on change, variety and mental stimulation. You will attract these in all areas of your life, making for a very exciting year. Use your talent of looking at your emotions objectively to come to terms with them when you don't understand logically what's going on in your life. You will make long strides in your career this year -- as long as you keep faith in yourself. You attract a variety of people with your great charm, and you have a natural ability to gain admiration. You'll feel energized by the opposite sex. For most of the year, communication will be top priority, and you'll be asked to articulate your inspirational ideas in some kind of writing project. Friends and family are key in helping you manifest your desires, especially in the latter part of the year, and the chance to deepen your relationships with them makes you very happy!

Cancer: Being the ultimate caregiver to those you love, you thrive in your relationships this year. Your understanding and compassion are an inspiration to others, and your optimism is contagious. This year brings opportunities to explore new horizons through travel and/or spiritual studies. This is a wonderful time for you to build more resources in your life. You will feel confident and satisfied with how you spend your time and money. You realize your need to regroup and recharge your emotional energy this year. With so much joy and harmony coming to you this year, you'll find that it bubbles over into your career as well.

Leo: Your sunny disposition will bring harmony into your life this year, resulting in an integration of all that you are becoming. You are dynamically active with lots of friends and group associations, and you love diversity and stimulation. Guard against taking on too much responsibility this year, otherwise you might end up feeling overloaded. The passion you feel toward your family this year will lead to a powerful relationship you may have never known.

Virgo: Maintaining positive friendships and close personal relationships is a high priority for practical Virgo this year. Your family and home life will be a source of great happiness and pleasure as you spend time building good relationships. You are a healer at heart, and would do well in the healthcare field, perhaps teaching people to maintain a positive self-image through artistic creativity. Later in the year, make sure to take more time for walking in nature, gardening, relaxing in health spas -- places where you can freely connect with your deepest self. Your spontaneous and impulsive nature makes for a very physically active year.

Libra: Balancing acts are something you do very well, and you'll be regular tightrope walker this year! You have a natural ability to patiently give people your valuable time, and weigh new ideas without jumping to conclusions. Long-deserved appreciation for all the love, respect and uplifting energy you exhibit will connect you with new opportunities for advancement in 2007. Your nurturing gives people a deep sense of security and stability, and helps them to be more successful in their own lives. Short trips and travel will intellectually stimulate you this year, and provide a refreshing change of scenery.

Scorpio: Passion carries you far this year in the realms of creativity and expression. Getting in touch with and appreciating more of your passionate nature will transform you in a way that results in putting more money in the bank. You could easily work as an advisor for big companies or in public relations. You have a very good support system in both your career and home life, and will learn that perfect order is taking place in your life at this time. Since your career has gotten off to such a great start this year, by summertime you will have more time on your hands to become romantically involved in a new relationship (or rekindling of old), which you've been thinking about for quite some time. You could enjoy spending time traveling to foreign lands and be drawn to observing others' ideas and cultures.

Sagittarius: Your strong sense of self will get you through almost anything this year, and your confidence will enable you to take on any new opportunities that come your way. You may want to take some long journeys this year to give yourself spiritual stimulation and to help you feel more connected to the deeper philosophical side of your being. Communication becomes easy this year. You will learn to trust that you are cared for by a universal support system, and develop tremendous faith in knowing that your needs are being met in life.

Capricorn: A hard worker, you will find new ways expressing yourself this year. You are taking life very realistically this year and are feeling very serious. In your personal life, you will express yourself more passionately, and notice that you are developing more sensitivity in how you come across to others. You may find relaxation through gardening or other grounding hobbies.

Aquarius: This year, idealistic Aquarius shines brightly. You truly are a visionary with a high sense of purpose and an advanced way of thinking. It will be very easy for you to express your individuality and altruistic ideals. You will find that you have unique ways of earning money this year. You may choose to experiment with different lifestyles this year. Your career may take on more of a passionate way of using your intuitive abilities to get to the inner meaning of things. In love relationships this year, you will be very energetic and may very well attract a flamboyant and energetic significant other.

Pisces: Pisces is having a once in a lifetime opportunity for great changes this year. You will be having the time of your life, expressing your loving and compassion to the world and fulfilling your boldest dreams. Your natural ability to communicate ideas to others is keenly perceptive now. Focus on trusting your intuition and you will get through nearly any circumstance. You need to lighten up about difficulties in life. Don't be so critical and overly concerned about details.


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