Sunday, October 22, 2006


Though I am still focused on living in New York City, Newtown, PA on a Saturday is quite electric—a thriving small town with lots of heart. Take yesterday for example: fall color season is gearing up. Red and orange leaves pepper the trees. I appreciate the color all the more this year because the trees didn’t change color in Berlin (still confused by that!)

The other season that is in full swing is election season. Signs are everywhere!

one of the Republican crazies in the town allowed dozens and dozens of Republican campaign signs to be put on the property of his restaurant. If he hadn't recently sold out to a heartless developer, I would have stopped eatting in the restaurant!

how could you ruin such a nice car with campaign stickers (for a candidate who is just days away from defeat!?)

What struck me this year, having seen two elections in Germany, is that American candidates, as much as they are on television, do not put their picture on their print ads. Germans have larger than life pictures plastered all over the area where they are running.

The traditional heart of Newtown on the weekends is the farmers market. Indeed, the market was buzzing yesterday. I chatted with our old postman, bought sushi and pumpkin bars from the Amish.

Yesterday’s hot spot, however, was downtown Newtown. I went to get take-out at Isaac Newton’s restaurant and was amazed that the 1st Annual Newtown Brewfest had taken over. Though the families going to the restaurant to eat seemed a bit put off by the bar crowd, (like the Hatfields and the McCoys) it was great to see town so lively! Isaac Newton’s is my favorite Newtown restaurant because they have veggie chili that is to die for!

So there’s a little snap shot of my Newtown. Back to the big city tomorrow:-0


Anonymous loads os maples in WI said...

i don't think berlin had a lot of maple trees - at least the kind that turn red. there were lots of yellow trees, but it really doesn't say fall to many east-coast-upper-midwest americans if there aren't any red trees. i'm with you on that - i'm glad to see red again.

10:59 PM  
Blogger kelly said...

so am i-- yay for southern germany. we took a long walk in the woods the other evening and it was so nice to finally breathe clean air!

2:30 AM  

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