Tuesday, October 17, 2006

"No Soup for You!"

Convinced that there are unique things to see in the city and determined that I will not be beat by the Big Apple, I headed out on a little field trip during lunch yesterday.

My goal was The Soup Man. Fans of Seinfeld will better know the Soup Man as the Soup Nazi. As the story goes, (on Seinfeld and apparently in real life) people would line up outside this guy’s take-out soup restaurant to get a cup of his tasty creations. But he was very gruff and required that customers follow “the rules”: stand in an orderly line, know what you want, have your $$ ready and move all the way to the left once you order. Like all good American success stories, business has been good for the Soup Man. He closed his original store and has opened a number of branches in the city and all over the country.

I went to the store at Rockefeller Center. Though “the rules” are posted, I was slightly disappointed to find that the staff was very customer friendly. I am pleased to say, however, that at $5.00 for a good-size cup of yummy broccoli cheddar soup, fruit, roll and Lindt truffle, I had an affordable lunch (at least by NYC standards.)

I ate on Rockefeller Plaza, overlooking the ice skating rink that opened for the season just last week. Between the NBC headquarters, skating rink, and many cool stores, Rockefeller Center is a NYC must-see!

On the walk from my office, I was intrigued to find the Kaballah spiritual center (Madonna la-la land,) The Swedish Church (whatever that is) and the Bank of China (curtains were tightly drawn)... all within two blocks of each other. I also saw journalists staked outside St. Patricks Cathedral because some people are calling for a vote of no confidence against the Cardinal of NY. New York City, my new city (unless I have a meltdown)… somehow, it all just works!



Blogger Pritilata said...

Ok, don't let NY beat you Erin. She is trying to break you down, but you won't be broken!!! Hang in there!

10:39 AM  

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