Sunday, April 10, 2011

Springtime here and there

Spring in DC means Cherry Blossom Festival time! I ran the festival's 10-miler race a number of years ago and did not enjoy it because it poured rain, was cold, windy and long. Fast forward to last fall, Katie, Noelle, Katy and I "won" the lottery to participate in the this year's race. Noelle was very dedicated to the training schedule, Katie Squared did their share of training too and I was doing okay until I missed 2 weeks of training because of Japan. The added pressure of this race is that you really can't walk because the roads have to reopen asap-- anyone not maintaining a 14 minute mile pace is picked up by the sweep bus. But come heck or high water, I was going to give it a try.

Here's the pre-race photo. Katie Squared ran together and Noelle and I brought up the rear. This year's race was infinitely better than the first time I ran it. We maintained our estimated pace and finished strong!

Spring has also sprung in Brooklyn. Flower Box Challenge 2011 has begun! I was not the first out of the gate but I've got corkscrew willow and ranuncula in my boxes! Take that neighbors!

Friday, April 01, 2011

And then there are those times...

The Tokyo subway was clean, quiet, heck there was even a women only car that is used during rush hour.

Frankly I was horrified to return to the stinky, dirty, packed NYC subway and some of its riders with questionable manners. I even returned to a debate about whether food should be banned from the subway after 2 riders got into a fight over one eating spaghetti on board.

But just about the time I get ready to swear off the subway forever, I have cool subway moments.

Last night, the steal drum guy was at Fulton Street playing "What a Friend We Have in Jesus", while one person sold churros nearby and another sold light-up balls.

Last week, I heard the best subway performer ever! Violinist David Jonathan and his partner on a guitar played an acoustic version of the Train song "Hey Soul Sister." I bet that would be awesome as background music at a party or to dance to! Best of luck David!!