Friday, April 01, 2011

And then there are those times...

The Tokyo subway was clean, quiet, heck there was even a women only car that is used during rush hour.

Frankly I was horrified to return to the stinky, dirty, packed NYC subway and some of its riders with questionable manners. I even returned to a debate about whether food should be banned from the subway after 2 riders got into a fight over one eating spaghetti on board.

But just about the time I get ready to swear off the subway forever, I have cool subway moments.

Last night, the steal drum guy was at Fulton Street playing "What a Friend We Have in Jesus", while one person sold churros nearby and another sold light-up balls.

Last week, I heard the best subway performer ever! Violinist David Jonathan and his partner on a guitar played an acoustic version of the Train song "Hey Soul Sister." I bet that would be awesome as background music at a party or to dance to! Best of luck David!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

there's no place like home Dorothy!!
Love ya! xoxo

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