Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The End is Near but not before some food

Well the world didn't end last week but the end of another kind is getting near.

I have accepted a new job in DC, finished my truly wonderful and memorable job here in New York City and today's the move to our nation's capital.

Unsurprisingly, my last weeks in the city have mostly involved food.

Colleagues took me to Maze by Gordon Ramsey, Cafe D'Alsace for delightful Alsatian and Maz Mexcal Mexican to say goodbye.

Then Jennie and Anuradha came to town for one last blow out NY weekend, which included DInosaur BBQ, MUD coffee/chai, Indian wraps at the Kati Roll Company (impressed), and Japanese Okonomiyaki at Yakitori Taisho (less impressed) and the Tea Spot/Wine Spot in the West Village all in one day. (Thankfully Anuradha gave up on her idea of dim sum for breakfast the next day!)

Matt and I have also had "last" visits to DiFara pizza (first tried in Dec 2007), Graziella's Italian and Dumont for the city's BEST mac and cheese and burgers (first tried in Sept. 2009.)

Over the weekend, after not being able to get into Studio Square Beer Garden for some awesome Sangria (boooo!), Matt took me to Court Pastry Shop for some water ice. WOW! Matt's lemon was delish and my big discovery was custard flavored water ice, which tasted a bit like cake batter, with nutmeg and pieces of nuts in it. Men in Black 3 was filming nearby so the streets were lined with 1950's and 60's cars and the street signs had been changed. Don't know that I'd normally go see pt 3 of a movie but it will be fun to see the old neighborhood.

One more post before I head off...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had loads of fun with you in New York. DC won't have nearly as many food options, but I'm excited to see more of you - food or not! hugs, Jennie

2:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I miss Brooklyn already :( But am happy that you will be my neighbor again :)


1:14 PM  

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