Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Bye- Bye Brooklyn

I recall that my last post in Berlin was pretty easy to write. The year had far exceeded all of my expect- ations. I met some incredible people and was immensely grateful for all of the opportunities provided to me. I wanted to stay but was looking forward to seeing family and friends and starting a new job.

The exact same can be said about this New York Adventure. That said, this, my final New York Adventures blog post, seems more complicated. I arrived in New York not sure that I wanted to be there. Somewhat as I thought, New York proved to be noisy, smelly, driven by ridiculous wealth, packed with people (with an attitude) and teaming with skyscrapers.

But more accurately, New York is a city of extremes because it is also filled with quite spots (Governors Island), phenomenally smelling and tasting food (see most previous posts:-)), sparked by creativity and passion, loaded with genuinely kind people and full of small little brownstone apartments and hidden gems. As the end drew near, I didn't actually want to leave. As my fantastically NY neighbor said, "New York is like an old whore, she draws you in and you keep coming back for more." Oh my!

The last weekend was perfect. I couldn't resist one more visit to the Union Square Market on Saturday, where I enjoyed a chai latte from MUD and bought a Bucks County heirloom tomato. Why would I leave?? I met my dad for lunch and a sandwich in Times Square cost $20! Why would I stay? I couldn't resist planting one last round of impatiens in my flower boxes and that evening we ate dinner at one of my favorite restaurants. Am I nuts to go?

On Sunday, Matt and I went to my beloved Iris Cafe and visited Governor's Island, where we spent the afternoon under the shade of a tree looking out on the Statue of Liberty. What could be better?

On Monday, we met in Washington Square Park for another chai and a strung out druggie asked if he could give me a hug. Time to head for the hills? I met Daniel and Sabrina at a fab French bistro on Atlantic Ave that I had never tried before (stay) and then saw a kid peeing on the street (go).

On Tuesday, after the move, it was bittersweet to see my oldest friend Drew for lunch at Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwiches and Christina and Heather for dinner (stay). But was woken that night by unruly college students and no fewer than five garbage trucks throughout the night (buh-bye). Please pardon the ramble, like I said, it's complicated.

So in closing, I feel blessed to have spent as much time as I did in the city. I am better for it and hope I left just a little midwest friendly for NY to enjoy:-) The results of 4.5 years-- a super boyfriend, more notable sightings/meetings than I could have ever imagined (still can't name drop), helping in Haiti and Japan, a few extra pounds, and a perspective that will forever be enhanced.

Adventures will continue! Check out Capital City Adventures as I reconnect with all my old friends, embark on lots of new adventures, try some new restaurants and see if I can cause just a few international incidents.

And until we meet again...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Erin -nice post -:) Best of luck in DC happy adventures!Aunt Barb

3:25 PM  
Blogger Erin said...

Thanks Aunt Barb!

4:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

disequalibrium and transitions pull at you in ways that you would never expect.
Yes, you have left a little bit of ET in NYC!!!!! That's a good thing. Love you!
Mom xoxoxoxox

2:04 PM  
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