Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Brooklyn Height House Tour

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the Brooklyn Height House Tour. 5 houses and one hotel lobby, one of the coolest $30 I've ever spent.

One house was modern, lined almost completely in wood, with retro tiled bathrooms and a gas fireplace with stones (reminded me of Michigan.)

Others were more traditional brownstones-- one with 5 stories of fantastic rooms, Statue of Liberty views and even a massage room! Another had beautiful details like English wallpaper and stacked balconies that looked like they were from New Orleans.

You could also tour one of the oldest houses in Brooklyn Heights-- built in 1926. I enjoyed all of the antiques in that house, which had been collected during the families travels all over the world.

The carriage house was awesome too-- a fantastic white kitchen and a second floor with exposed brick and beams.

The final building that was open to see was the lobby of the Hotel Bossert. No longer a hotel, the group who owns it has kept it in immaculate shape, allowing visitors to see the grandeur of an earlier time in Brooklyn Heights.

One silly note-- as I was looking for apartments 18 months ago, I was scared by buildings where the staircases were leaning or that smelled old. Were these buildings run by irresponsible landlords I thought. I was interested to see and smell that even the luxurious houses that I toured were not immune from slanting stairs and the fragrance of history:-)

The lines were long at times but did move quickly.

Check out the Brooklyn Historic Association's website for some pictures of the inside of the houses.


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