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Following on the important apple struedel and cheese spaetzle research I've done in Germany and the ground breaking crab cake research done on the east coast, Matt and I are conducting a pizza tour of New York. You've seen my posts on Grimaldis, Lombardis, DiFara and Joe's (did I write one on Joes?). Today, for a special treat, Matt wrote about Lucalis!

575 Henry St, Brooklyn
Wednesday April 30th, 8pm.

Matt: The hostess came outside to greet us and took our name and phone number. Our wait to be seated was 45 minutes. Lots of activity out front, to include the hostess bringing out a free pie to her sister.

(Erin adds: I think the sisters were related to the owners. They were fantastically Brooklyn Italian, I loved the accent!)

Matt: Our half garlic pie arrived 15 minutes after we ordered. A large size pie or calzones, those are your choices, nothing more, nothing less. The wait was made pleasant by the warm and inviting atmosphere featuring just enough, but not too many votive candles, a reasonable noise level with italian singers in the background, a contemporary earthy decor and an actual street sign from the corner of Henry and Carroll, which was right next to my chair. The pizzas are made in the open; some might call it a 'Pizza Stage' where the two (authentic I'm sure) Italian stallions ply their craft. And a craft it is.

(Erin adds: the mood was romantic and neighborhoody:-))

Matt: While Papa Johns says 'better ingredients, better pizza', it is the true NY artisans that diligently follow this motto. If you aren't using San Marzano tomatoes for your sauce, which come from the base of Mount Vesuvius, well I have no patience for you.

(Erin adds: other kinds of sauce can be good too...but I will admit you can taste the San Marzano difference.)

Matt: The crust was thin, crisp, and slightly burnt on the bottom and around the edges, just the way I like it. I had thought the bottom crust would be more like that of the 'NY Classics' aka Lombardi's/Grimaldi's/Totonno's. However I found it to be more like Difara, and when one compares anything to DiFara, it can only be good. The flavors melded together perfectly, a harmonious combination of dough, sauce, and cheese, and just the right amount of garlic. My dinner companion opined that the flavors worked well together b/c no flavor overwhelmed the other, they were perfectly complementary.

(Erin adds: Who was your dinner companion!? ;-))

Matt: 3 slices apiece and a $24 bill later, we were out looking for a cab back to BK Heights.

Food 24
Service 26
Decor 24


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You two are cute. Looking forward to more double-posts in the future. -J.

3:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Erin and Matt,

We also enjoyed your "double" blog. And we enjoyed all of your recent blogs, Erin. Always a good day when we get to read a new one.

Love, G&G

8:35 PM  

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