Monday, April 28, 2008

Because we can

Freshman year my roommate Heather and I noticed that the Reflecting Pool in DC was drained and thought it would be fun to walk through it. Why? Because we could:-) We were enjoying our Forrest Gump moment until we realized the pool had been drained to clean a couple inches of goose poop on the bottom. Gross, but we do still talk about the experience.

Fast forward to New York, Heather and I have been talking about walking the length of Manhattan (on the east side). Why? Because we can. Rainy weather forecasts have prevented us from doing that walk, but we started small this weekend and decided to walk the perimeter of Central Park.

In total, it's a 6 mile walk-- 2.5 miles north, .5 miles west, 2.5 miles south and .5 miles east.

Favorite site had to be the Conservatory Garden at 105th street on the east side. It looks like an urban oasis and I can't wait to go back and really look around.

As we walked down the west side, we were greeted by a burnt out car-- looked like the fire was bad and the air still smelled hot. The other West side surprise was Steve Martin. He was incognito, but his white hair and twinkly eyes were unmistakable. Heather, aka, my entertainment guru confirmed the sighting:-)

Here are some Central Park fun facts:
843 Acres large-- 6% of the total area of the city
58 miles of pedestrian paths
Over 9,000 park benches
26,000 trees

On to the big walk-- hopefully next weekend!


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