Sunday, April 20, 2008


1000 people in Union Square, raving, w/out audible music and w/out the other unsavory behaviors that are often associated with a rave. WHAT?

Last night, thanks to the power of Facebook and the ingenuity of an exchange student from the UK studying in Brooklyn Heights, a bunch of people gathered in Union Square to dance to their own music on their own Ipods.

Check out the NY Times story.

Stupid, pointless and another sign of the "me" generation? Was this an "IRave" or "MyRave"? Perhaps, but I remain fascinated by "flash mobs" and demonstrations like happened last night.

I was equally fascinated when Mr. Rhodes taught my 10th grade history class about pole sitters and groups of people cramming into phone booths in the Roaring 20s. Those acts said something about the zeitgeist of the 20s. What will my grandkids be taught about the early years of the new millenium?


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