Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Girls Weekend

Katy, Noelle and I met up for a girls weekend in Boston last week and had an awesome time. I would say that eating and relaxing were the two main activities. Here are a few picts.

View from the hotel. Apparently it will be another couple weeks before the frog pond in the public garden is filled for the season and the swan boats return. I did see quite a few runners bopping around and wondered how many of them will be making the Hopkington to Boston run in a few weeks.

Katy and Noelle at Quincy Market. Even on a non-marathon weekend, the crowd at the market was crazy. But I persevered and got myself a lobster roll (and one for dinner too;-))

The ladies:-)

View of Boston from the Duck Boat. Our guide, "Paul from Revere" gave a great tour!

Me and Noelle on the Duck Boat


Anonymous Anonymous said...

These pictures make me cry!
I have many photos of the three of you since elementary school in the same configuration!!(side by side!)
This needs to become an annual event no matter what!
What a
Mom oxoxoxo

7:24 AM  

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