Sunday, May 04, 2008

Little Branch

The nondescript entrance facing the corner of Leroy and 7th Ave in the West Village could easily be passed without notice. But for those who see the little sign announcing Little Branch and decide to navigate down the steep dark staircase, a wonderful little bar awaits.

As you enter, your eyes adjust to the candlelight, you are greeted by fun music at just the right level, and a dapper “mixologist” can be seen at the bar.

While some people like to say they “closed the bar,” I like to “open the bar” so Matt and I arrived shortly after 7pm one recent evening and were seated right away at a cozy booth in the corner. Matt said the wait can be quite long on the weekends.

Honestly, I forget all of the ingredients that went into each of our drinks. But to be sure, they were wonderful—Matt’s first drink was rum based. Mine was notable because it had absinthe in it. My second drink was tasty with a splash of apricot liquor, but it was Matt’s “mixologist’s choice” drink that won the evening. If you don’t want to select one of the 9 or 10 drinks on the menu, you can ask to have the bartender create something for you. Matt’s drink had honey in it, with freshly squeezed lime juice… and I think it was rum based. Simply divine!

P.S. don’t forget the rules…among my favorites, no fighting (real or play), no picking up women and say your goodbyes inside so you can leave quietly into the night.


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