Monday, March 10, 2008


First for the exciting news...HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY CHARLOTTE!! My new cousin was born early this morning and mom, baby and dad are all doing well! Congrats!

In other news, I made it to Nicaragua yesterday and am trying to use all the Spanish I know without sounding like an American ("grassy-ass"). The flight was right on time and even transferring in Panama was no big deal.

The landscape is beautiful but the poverty (as seen in the car on the way to the hotel) is staggering and heartbreaking. I´ve also been sufficiently freaked out by family and experts that I haven´t left the hotel. We are heading out to dinner tonight in a BIG group so perhaps I´ll see a bit more then...and then of course when we go out on our training mission to goodness knows where on Wednesday.

More in a few days!

p.s. really like Nicaraguan food--plantains, beans and fried cheese:-)


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