Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Berlin in Lights

Homesick for Berlin? Okay, maybe that's only me.

In anycase, this is the month to be in New York if you love Berlin. Carnegie Hall and a number of other organizations are hosting Berlin In Lights , a collection of concerts, discussions and exhibits about the Hauptstadt.

This post is a bit late because the concerts end this weekend. But some of the coolest exhibits will be open at least until the end of the year.

I went to the opening of an exhibit on Berlin and NYC architecture last week. The opening was wonderfully German--German music, wine and, well, Germans. I intend to go back to really look at the photos and better understand the comparisons. There are also photos of the Berlin Hauptbahnhof at the German consulate (headed there on Friday) and New Photography from Berlin at the Goethe Institute. Best of all, admission to all of the exhibits still running is kostenlos.

On the music front, the local public radio station broadcast the Carnegie Hall performances of the Berlin Philharmonic, Ute Lemper and even has a Berlin blog (good idea;-))


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