Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bye Joe, Hi Joe

This summer, I wrote about my experience going to the Tigers-Yankees game. What I didn’t mention a couple weeks ago is that more than 50% of the city let out a collective cry over the Yankees failure to make it into the World Series (some are still mourning.) My thought was “heh, they had a decent season, made it into the play-offs and might have made it to the big dance had it not been for some Canadian soldier bugs who infested Game 2 in Cleveland. There’s always next season.” But true Yankees fans wanted it all. Just like everything else in the city, passion for baseball is intense!

Most also wanted to see a 13th season with Joe Torre as manager. A second choice seemed to be Don Mattingly. But neither was to be and a guy named Joe Girardi has been offered the position. While the NY papers weren’t happy about Torre’s departure, they seemed indifferent about Girardi this morning. They seemed more excited by yesterday’s other baseball news that A-Rod won’t be returning to the team next year.

Some Yankees fans are furious at the GM, Brian Cashman and the Steinbrenner bros, Hal and Hank (perhaps another post is required to discuss why someone would name their boys Hal and Hank).

One fan I know is threatening a boycott to protest the

Others wonder if Girardi might be a

We’ll just have to wait and see. Spring training is just a few months away.


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