Monday, November 05, 2007

NYC Marathon

I watched the marathon in Brooklyn yesterday--around mile 8. I was amazed at how international the runners were. France and Italy shirts were plentiful and I made sure to cheer for the German and Brit runners too! Compared with watching the last few hundred yards of the Boston Marathon, watching NYC at the beginning meant that there were no pukers and no one passed out. That said, both Matt and I were a bit dizzy after watching the sea of runners undulate like a wave down the street. I was super impressed with how many people turned out to cheer.

My favorite shirt was worn by a German (auf Deutsch): "The New York City Marathon, like a vacation but with pain." We missed seeing Lance and Katie Holmes, but did see 2 Sponge Bob Square Pants, a penguin, a banana, a guy dressed up in the Bavarian flag and one guy running in lederhosen. We also saw quite a few runners with tall socks. Matt says that he'd sport long socks if he ever ran a marathon (OMG!)

Here are a couple pictures. The first is of the lead pack of men. The second shows the crowd. The people in the picture were predicted to run the race in around 4 hours.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you see Katie H and Tom??


11:02 AM  
Blogger Erin said...

No TomKat:-( We had left the race route by the time she would have come by where we were watching. I doubt Tom ventured to Brooklyn to watch his honey.

Gossip pages are reporting today that they stayed at the ritzy Caryle hotel and rented out the bar for a tea party for Suri and her friends.

12:59 PM  

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