Sunday, October 28, 2007

Noodle Pudding

Where on earth have I been for the last week? Well, I’ve spent the last two weekends in Newtown and work has been super busy, hence the radio silence. I'll do better this week:-)

Anyway, as promised, a review of Noodle Pudding:

Overall, the restaurant lives up the reputation…one of the best restaurants in Brooklyn Heights, one of the best Italian places in Brooklyn and tasty enough for Manhattanites to come across the river for dinner. They don’t take reservations or credit cards, so arrive early and bring cash. We were there around 6:45pm on a Wednesday and didn’t have any problem getting a table for four though the restaurant was more than ½ full when we got there.

Grandpa thought the lasagna was good and Matt recommends the carpacio and osso buco. Granny and I had Strozza Preti Alla Siciliana—rigatoni noodles with an eggplant and tomato sauce with sharp parm shredded on top. I expected the eggplant would be chunked, but it came mostly integrated into the sauce. The dish was a fantastic variation on eggplant parm!

I was fascinated by the crowd…everything from people out for a special dinner to local families and singles out for a solid plate of pasta. Pictures of Italy cover the walls and a giant wooden framed bar mirror in the back of the restaurant makes the dining room seem much larger than it actually is.

My two beefs were that it’s a bit noisy and our meals took a while to arrive (but that may have had to do with the osso buco.) But bring some great people with you and the wait won’t matter:-) Erin’s verdict: a definite go-back-to!

Following up on our Today Show adventure, check the old post for some new pictures. Thanks G&G!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yummy! Perhaps we can make a stop there when Rachel and I hit town?


11:11 AM  
Blogger Erin said...

Sure thing! I think we'll be very busy eatting the weekend you are in town. So many good places.

5:16 PM  

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