Friday, November 02, 2007

Halloween Parade

In short, it was a bust...not because it wasn't well attended but because it was SO well attended. Matt and I arrived on 6th Ave around 6:40 (7pm start) and the crowd was already 2-3 deep. We stood on the curb to give me a few extra inches but by the time it rolled around to 7:30pm, nothing had started, the crowd was now 8-10 deep and I couldn't see the street, we decided that it was time to go watch it on the local NYC television station. We later heard that there were 50,000 paraders and 2 million spectators!

Next year, I would either a. get there even earlier and bring a chair or b. dress up and walk in the parade!

It was fun to walk through Greenwich Village in any case and see the spectacular brownstones decorated with pumpkins, lights and cobwebs. Very Halloween! Plus the subways were in no short supply of costumed New Yorkers who were fun to observe--Brittany Spears with a baby hanging off her, Larry Craig complete with bathroom stall and a man dressed as a robotic woman with metallic boobs were among my favorites! We also saw a skeleton rollerskating down 2nd Ave. It was occasionally difficult to determine whether people were dressed in costume or's New York, what more can you say!


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