Sunday, February 11, 2007

Winter Jam

Though Central Park has yet to see a measurable snowfall this year, skiers, snowboarders, igloo builders and sledders converged on the park yesterday for Winter Jam 2007.

Snow machines had been brought in earlier in the week to create an area for skiing, snow shoeing, and sleigh rides. There was also a ramp for snowboarders to try a few tricks and a trampoline where trampoliners(??) did flips with snowboards attached to their feet.

Cabot was giving out samples of cheddar, an upstate orchard was giving hot apple cider and apples and Dunkin Dounuts was giving out free hot coco. While I dislike the mele that usually ensues when free stuff is being given out, the overall atmosphere at Winter Jam 2007 was lots of fun!

I also amazed at the plethora of dogs that were in the park and enjoying the festivities. The highlights included a Bull Mastiff (imagine the size of apartment required to keep a dog like that) and a dog riding in a wagon (something we’ve considered for Leland, but never actually done.)

During this first foray into Central Park, I also passed a hippy playing the guitar, which I thought was strange because it was cold outside. But after seeing a mosaic with the word Imagine and people taking pictures, it dawned on me that this was probably the John Lennon memorial/Strawberry Fields. While I am not the world’s biggest Beatles fan, it was neat to just happen upon such a New York landmark. (I later read that I also walked past the actual apartment building where Lennon was murdered and where Yoko Ono still has a place—according to the source of all information…Wikipedia.)

An impending winter storm has been keeping my fingers crossed that I can use my XC skis to Central Park on Wed. In any case, I am already excited for my first spring stroll in the park in a few months.


Anonymous jp said...

Did you also notice that you were in front of the "Ghostbusters" apartment? I think it's practically next door to Yoko's place. Keeping my fingers crossed and thumbs pressed that you'll be able to enjoy the snow... or spring, whichever comes first! :-)

12:03 AM  

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