Thursday, February 08, 2007

I found the Village

As I have mentioned before, I am confused about exactly where Greenwich Village is. Yes, I know this sounds like a dumb blonde comment… just look at the map and figure it out. But every time I get to where I think "the Village" is, it isn't cool/unique/urban chill. Lo and behold, I found the cool part of "the Village" this week:-)

Drew and I went to Bar Pitti (268 Sixth Ave near Bleecker) in the West Village for a birthday lunch on Monday. NY Magazine describes the food as Tuscan and I figured it was a good sign that the waiters and even some of the diners spoke Italian. (Though the guy at working the bar did remind me of the cousin in Mickey Blue Eyes.) The ambiance was average but the food was fantastic! I had pasta fagioli soup and eggplant parmigiana; both were some of the best I’ve ever tasted! The eggplant was only lightly breaded, the marinara sauce had just the right balance of tomato and basil and the cheese was creamy. Drew had a pasta dish and carpaccio he said were great. Apparently Bar Pitti has quiet the clientele (other than Drew and I). Film directors Wes Anderson and Noah Baumbach and even Drew Barrymore are known to eat there.

My other Village spot of the week was Chumley's (86 Bedford Street.) Chumley's claim to fame is that it was a speakeasy during Prohibition. Some even say that the term "86 it" refers to a warning the bar would get before police would come to raid the establishment. Apparently the building might have also been a stop on the Underground Railroad. They are known for their burgers and Katy, Jackie and Brandy all enjoyed theirs. For the veggies in the crowd, the portobello mushroom burgers were also great! The walls of the restaurant are decorated with the book jackets of authors who have visited throughout the years, including Hemingway and Mailer. Though I detest the bar scene in general, I must also say that Chumley's was loaded with cutie patooties I'd like to take to a speakeasy and dance the Charleston with;-)


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