Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Park Slope

On Friday night, I met up with a friend from Germany and his girlfriend to check out the wonders of Park Slope. I didn’t end up living in Park Slope because I thought the vibe wasn’t right and it was too far away from work. But it does seem like a fun area that I am excited to continue exploring.

Stop number one was The Chip Shop (383 Fifth Ave. at 6th St.) for some fish and, well, chips:-) The restaurant itself was great—bright yellow walls and lots of pictures and news clips of all things British. Matt had Dandelion & Burdock soda, which he said was gross, but other than that, everything was delicious. The cod and fries, served with tartar sauce and malt vinegar were crispy. I also had a side of British-style Heinz baked beans, which have more of a tomato sauce than American style baked beans. Trifle, spotted dick and the like were on the dessert menu, but we opted for something that has got to be uniquely American: fried candy bars! The restaurant fries Snickers, Twinkies, Twix, Mounds, and Bounty, but we chose to split two Reeces Peanut Butter Cups. What did it taste like? Well, like a battered and fried peanut butter cup--a warm, deliciously gooey peanut buttery gut bomb!

The second stop was The Tea Lounge, where the jazz group Waking Vision was performing. I was impressed with the lounge’s beverage selection but not the crowd. There were way too many tiny boppers posing as hipsters…and real hipsters, who I also found to be annoying. The guys cuddling on the couch, the two playing a never-ending game of chess and the laptop toting-intellectuals interspersed for good measure added to the strange mix. I can see myself going back on a Sunday morning with a newspaper(before hipsters are awake) but as evening hangout location, I think not. Also ranking high on my annoyance meter was the server who referred to everyone as “friend.” (okay, enough whining.)
Waking Vision is definitely a group to be heard! Though they had a clear jazz feel, they were also mellow like Nickel Creek but not quite as folksy. (That’s a strange and confusing description. Have a listen to the songs on each group’s website and see what you think.)


Anonymous jp said...

Was it THE Matt from Germany? If so, tell him I said "hello!" next time you see him. If you're annoyed by hipsters, you're going to LOVE the scene in Midtown. Hipsters, wanna-be-hipsters, anti-hipster-hipsters, and post-hipster-hipsters abound.

6:58 PM  
Anonymous Peter said...

FYI, there's another Chip Shop... In Brooklyn Heights! It's on Atlantic, between Henry and Hicks -- just a ten minute walk from your place. And there's a Tea Lounge in Cobble Hill as well. On Court St maybe 6 or 7 blocks South of Atlantic.

Funny that you chose two places in Park Slope that are, in fact, not unique to Park Slope. ;)

12:13 AM  
Blogger Erin said...

Indeed I was out with BUKA Matt. As luck would have it, he landed a job in Brooklyn Heights when he came back from Halle.

When are you coming to hipster-watch in midtown with me?

10:25 AM  
Blogger Erin said...

heh elevator buddy, are you teasing me?! :-) As I understand it, the Tea Lounge in Cobble Hill and Chip Shop on Atlantic are outposts of the orginal Park Slope locations. Interestingly, I just saw that the Brooklyn Heights Blog (www.brooklynheightsblog.com) wrote about the Chip Shop on Monday.

Do you have any restaurant recs that are unique to Park Slope?

10:31 AM  

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