Monday, December 24, 2007

Di Fara Pizza

Our Brooklyn Adventure continued to Avenue J,
We heard Di Fara made such great pizza we couldn’t stay away.

We passed the Vietnamese and Hassidic neighborhoods,
I told Matt to drive as fast as he coulds.

Di Fara is the highest rated pizza in Zagat,
Made in a pizzeria that time has forgot.

Dom the owner, makes EVERY pie on his own,
Sometimes the line is long, but people don’t moan.

He spreads the sauce from San Marzano, and sprinkles on hand-shredded mozzarella,
All the while smiling, he seems like such a warm fella.

He then cuts open a package of real buffalo mozz,
And strategically places pieces in all the right spots.

From oven to box the pizza goes with Dom’s bare hands,
He sprinkles Romano and clips fresh basil both with methodical plans.

Simply put, the pizza was phenomenal; the best I’ve had in NYC,
When I go back next time for a square pie, I guarantee I’ll yell yippee!

Check out the Bridge and Tunnel Club website for pictures of Di Fara and Dom’s pizza art. (A certain someone didn’t want me taking picture;-P)

I should also point out that one of the toppings options is green olives, aka the most wonderful and underrated pizza toping ever. YEAH DI FARA!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds great!

Your blog is now in poetry-form? Advanced!


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